Annual Reports

The annual reports give an overview of the activities and performance of ECRIN, illustrating its work and achievements in furthering multinational clinical research. 

ECRIN's 2017 Annual Report

ECRIN's 2016 Annual Report

ECRIN's 2015 Annual Report 

ECRIN's 2014 Activity Report


ECRIN General Brochure (date: 10/2018)
Description: Learn about how ECRIN is organised, its added value, services (advice/coordination for clinical trials), capacity activities, tools and more

ECRIN Support for EU Funding Applications & Trial Management (date: 3/2017)
Description: Brochure on ECRIN support to investigators/sponsors for EU funding applications and project implementation

ECRIN-On-Board (date: 1/2017)
Description: Find out about EoB, a service provided by ECRIN to help multinational, clinical research projects improve the quality of their applications for multinational funding

Other Resources

Slide deck: "Using metadata to help translate clinical research into better healthcare" (Steve Canham and Christian Ohmann, 2017)