Paediatric Clinical Research
Infrastructure Network

WP4: Support to multinational trials


  • To select various trials, which already have funding in the coordinating country, to serve as PedCRIN pilots to assess the tools for paediatric and neonatal trials developed in WP3 To provide access to ECRIN trial management services (e.g. support for regulatory and ethical submissions, trial monitoring, pharmacovigilance, insurance, trial product and biosample management) to the PedCRIN pilot trials
  • To provide support for the extension of the pilot trials to other ECRIN Member or Observer Countries, and/or countries represented in the PedCRIN consortium¬†

Key activities

  • Management of a call for applications for the clinical trials to be supported by PedCRIN
  • Selection of the pilot trials with the inclusion of at least one neonatal trial if it meets the quality criteria
  • Provision of operational services to multinational paediatric and neonatal trials selected by the peer-review procedure


  • Radboud University (RUMC)
  • Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS-FI)
  • European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (ECRIN)